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How Page Load Speed affects your potential leads websites

If your future clients websites take longer than three seconds to load, they could be losing nearly half of their visitors, according to data from Akamai.

Slow Websites load/performance affect







How Page Speed Leads application will help your business to get more leads?

  • by embedding a quick page speed test in your agency website easily
  • by sending the result of the test directly into your lead mailbox
  • by making easy for our lead to do a test, just need an email address & an URL
  • by connecting your lead email directly to your MailChimp or MailerLite account
  • by seeing how many leads used PSL in your agency dashboard

Simple dashboard

Get a clear overview of how many leads and tests you did by months or years. See also all the results of the websites you tested and take action right away.

Simple email report for your leads

Your leads will receive this nice layout email with the result of the test. They will have your call to action right in front of them. This report can be customized with your own intro and conclusion.

Customize your iframe

We give you full control on the fields you want to send to your email marketing provider as well on the look and feel. The sky is the limit!

Get a converting CTA

With full control over the fields you can ask, get a converting Call To Action on your website. Simple and to the point.

Integration with your preferred Email Marketing & Automation application

PageSpeed Leads Review

Review of PSL by Ed Ellingham of

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