PageSpeed Leads offers the option on the Agency plan to have a white labeling solution so you can have your branding applied on the application, iframe and reports.

You need to be on the Agency Plan to see the white labeling tab.

If you see a tab Agency (1) that means you already are on the Agency subscription (2). If you are not, you will just see the Profile tab. To change your plan, just click on Change Subscription (3) and select the Agency plan.

Here is what you will see in your Agency tab:

  1. Your Agency Name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your logo, you can drag and drop your image or click on it and browse your computer to find the file
  4. Your website
  5. Your lead page: this is the page your lead will see when they click on “Help me with this”.
  6. Your main branding color, the one used in the application and report. Us it orange.
  7. This color is used when you mouse goes over a button in the application like Dashboard, profile, logout… etc.
  8. Your Google API Key: read this KB article to get your key
  9. Your MailChimp API Key: read this KB article to get your key
  10. Your MailChimp List: click on the drop down to select which list you want to be added. If you don’t see it, just click the arrow and the application will refresh the MailChimp list.
  11. Your embedded code a.k.a your lead form: read this KB article to embed the code into your website (coming soon).

That’s it. Pretty straightforward.