Referral Program

Looking to add free months to your PageSpeed Leads account?

Refer anymore who is interested to get leads from a simple page speed test. If they sign up for a paid account with us, you will get one month free after they stayed with us for 3 months. You can refer as many users you want and it will be automatically added to your account! Doesn’t matter if you have an unlimited ($4.99/month) or agency plan ($9.99/month), you will get one month for each one. Also it doesn’t matter which account they select as well, same result: One Month Free.

For example, if you refer 20 people, 16 signed for a paid account and only 12 stayed with us for 3 months, you will get one year FREE.

How to get your Referral link?

First of all, you must have an unlimited or agency account! Doesn’t make sense to give you a free month on a free account…

Then, after you log in, go to your profile, you are going to see our Affiliate Program section.

1. Your Affiliate URL. Just grab it and share the love.

2. Your Affiliate Stats and see how many free months you get.

3. Pending Referrals. All the referrals that are still under 3 months with us so you can see how many free months are coming…

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